José A. Alvarez-Jareño
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I have a degree and a PhD in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Valencia. I also studied a Master's Degree in Current Techniques in Applied Statistics (UNED) and a Master's Degree in Visual Analytics and Big Data (UNIR). I am currently Vice-Dean of Quality, Accreditation and Planning at the Faculty of Economics, Researcher at the Deblanc Chair and Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Valencia. For 20 years I was Technical Director of a national insurance brokerage firm, and I have combined my professional activity with my teaching activity. I collaborate with the Institute of Spanish Actuaries in the training of its members, as well as with other institutions (Ministry of Finance, Complutense University of Madrid, etc.). I have also participated in different research contracts, almost always with insurance companies or public institutions. Currently, I am participating in a contract financed by the European Union. I am dedicated to "searching for a pattern that cannot be explained by statistical causalities" [Nesbø, Jo (2015) The Bat, Random Hosue].


Office 2E09
Faculty of Economics
Avenida de los Naranjos s/n
46022 Valencia
(+34) 963828428

Research areas
  • Impact assessment