EvalPub researchers participate in the XXXII AEDE Meeting
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The meeting took place on 4 and 5 July at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia.

Researchers from our research group were part of the organising committee of the conference, held in Valencia in its 32nd edition.

They also presented different papers related to the educational field, such as the intergenerational transmission of recreational reading, the efficiency in the use of new technologies for education and the effects of bullying on the academic performance of pupils.

At the 32nd AEDE Conference, the papers presented by members of our research group were as follows:

  • Mauro Mediavilla, José Joaquín García Clavel: «Una cuantificación de la transmisión intergeneracional de la lectura recreativa en siete países europeos»
  • Gregorio Giménez, Mauro Mediavilla, Luis Vargas-Montoya: «Eficiencia en el uso de las nuevas tecnologías (TIC) para la educación en España y la OCDE. Diferencias en resultados para estudiantes con altas capacidades»
  • Gisela Rusteholz, Mauro Mediavilla: «Direct and Indirect Effects of Bullying on Academic Performance»

On the other hand, researchers Mauro Mediavilla and Luis Vila participated as moderators in some of the sessions that took place within the framework of the meeting.

Programme of the 32nd AEDE Conference