A methodological proposal for designing a local cultural indicators system based on the strategic planning

Vicente Coll
Salvador Carrasco
Olga Blasco
Luis E. Vila



This paper aims to propose a theoretical framework for designing a Local Cultural Indicators System by considering the one provided by UNESCO for Cultural Statistics and the Agenda 21 for Culture. The indicators system is structured, depending on the objectives, requirements and users of cultural indicators involved, in Basic and Strategic Systems that may be used for monitoring and evaluating the local governments ́ cultural policy.



Coll, V.; Carrasco, S.; Blasco, O.; Vila, L.E. (2014): Propuesta metodológica para el diseño de un sistema de indicadores culturales local basado en la planificación estratégica, Política y sociedad, 51(2), pp. 423-446. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5209/rev_POSO.2014.v51.n2.42385